1. unpack and enjoy

Yippie Yah Yeh, you bought a TATTOOCREW Tattoo! Thanks for that! Now let’s put this thing on and we’re good to go.

(If you are allergic to glue, however, the tattoo is not for your skin.)

2. cut out

Cut out the tattoo so that you can apply it as precisely as possible. Even if there are several designs on one sheet, they must of course be cut out.


Find a body part with as little hair as possible. If possible, clean it before using the tattoo and then let the skin dry well. Make sure the area is free of lotion or perfume.


Remove the clear film from the tattoo. Try not to touch the tattoo or it will stick to your fingers.


Prepare a wet cloth. Press the tattoo, design side down, onto your skin. Press the wet cloth firmly onto the back of the tattoo for about 30 seconds. Make sure all areas of the paper are well soaked. Carefully remove the paper. If not all areas of the tattoo have completely come off, press the cloth onto the tattoo paper a little longer.


If a corner of the tattoo doesn’t come off completely, gently pat the tattoo in place with the damp cloth. Please do not use your fingers, then the tattoo can stick to your finger!

A little love for your tattoo

If you pay attention to a few things, the tattoo will hold much better:

remove tattoo

The tattoo can be easily removed with some adhesive tape (e.g. Tesa film):

Alternatively, shower or bathe and let the tattoo soak well. Then scratch it off. The longer it soaks, the better it comes off.